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You need to do a few things to begin gifting: add a Contact, create a Gift Page and add the PickUrGift Button.


How to add a contact?

There are 2 ways to add a contact. Click the button above, or you can do it from your dashboard under "Contacts" in the future.

How to use the PickUrGift button?

You can add the button to your favorites bar from your dashboard, or click the button above. Follow the instructions for your browser of choice.

Now you are ready to experience PickUrGift! Simply go to any site to shop for that special someone. On the product details page, click the UR button in your favorites bar and start adding gifts to a gift page!

How to create a gift page?

Go to "My gift pages" in your dashboard and click the "create a new gift page" button. Then give the page a name and select the contact you're shopping for.