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Company Highlight - HerendHerend is a company that knows how to make a long-lasting impression with quality craftsmanship and a signature style that makes their high-end goods a luxury item you’d be proud to give as a gift. The reputation of Herend dates back to 1826, and has earned the appreciation of many for producing the ultimate porcelain pieces, often referred to as “white gold.” Queen Victoria and Princess Diana delighted in the beauty and design of Herend figurines and dinnerware patterns. The company’s baby gifts and collectibles also showcase their distinct fish-scale pattern, and are known as the type of purchase that becomes a treasured family heirloom.

What Makes Herend Collectibles So Special?

Herend Collectibles fetch a high price because of its exquisite artistry and luxury hand-painted and gilded porcelain. The goods are made by a Hungarian manufacturing company called Herend Porcelain Manufactory, which fashions their works of art out of a mixture of kaolin, feldspar and quartz – this is what creates the unique hard-paste porcelain that the company is known for. After more than one firing process, the porcelain provides a white, translucent appearance. Pieces are painted by hand, and when applicable, have colors or paint made out of gold added, which then undergoes one or two more firings.

Prices for Herend gifts range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Herend HorseWhat Does Herend Sell?

When shopping for a memorable gift for loved ones and friends, Herend sells the following:

Baby Gifts and Collectible Figurines

Scully and Scully is an online retailer with a nice assortment of Herend baby gifts and collectibles that includes the likes of the Sea Lion with Ball Miniature Rabbit; Sitting Lop-Eared Bunny; Black Labrador (shown above); and Elephant with Trunk to Side featured below – all available in various colors. With a range of animals represented in their inventory, Herend collectibles definitely make an ideal gift for animal lovers. Click here to browse a lengthier snapshot of available Herend animal figurines.

Herend Baby Gifts and Collectible Figurines


Herend sells dinnerware patterns that have been a favorite of royal families, dignitaries and celebrities from all over the world. In addition to pre-made dinnerware patterns, you can also order custom-designed sets and plates with hand-painted 24-kt gold monograms.

Herend DinnerwareHome Accessories

For the happy homemaker, newlywed, or for someone who just purchased their first home, Herend provides luxury home accessories that add eye-catchingly fine detail and color to a room. Basketweave lamps come with a shade and your choice of decorative accent. Tea lovers may appreciate a Herend tea set, such as the Queen Elizabeth Ii Limited Edition Set shown here, which comes with tea pot, creamer and sugar holder. Additional home goods to consider include coasters, paperweights, vases, and candlesticks that hold one, two or three candles at one time.

Herend Baby Gift - First Curl BoxChildren’s Gifts

Whether you’re purchasing a porcelain keepsake box to hold cherished baby mementos, such as the first curl or lost tooth, Herend sells family heirloom-quality gifts for new parents. They also sell porcelain breakfast sets for kids with plates, bowls and cups that feature signature designs.

Special Collections

Herend also sells items classified under the umbrella of various Special Collections, which aim to push the envelope of their creativity, and offer a little something extra in the gift department.

Herend 10 Link Porcelein Bracelet

In the Jewelry Collection, you will find a 10-link porcelain bracelet available in all gold, alternating gold and black, and multi-colors, such as the Lime/Pink/Gold bracelet shown here. Interestingly, some of Herend’s small figurines cost more than this bracelet, which is priced at $395.

Herend Kingdom CollectionThe Kingdom Classic Collection highlights some of the more intricately made animal figurine designs, such as the Dog with Kittens and Panda Pair (ideal gift for parents of a twin boy and girl) above.

The Reserve Collection is often a line of limited edition pieces which include some of the most involved art techniques and features that touch upon a range of unique themes and subjects. Shown below Mermaid on Shell (only 250 made); the Snowy Owl (only 200 made); and the Kaleidoscope Tortoise (only 250 made).

Herend Reseve CollectionWhere Can I Buy Herend?

Herend OwletHerend is sold in more than 350 fine retail stores across the nation, as well as online. Duplicates have infiltrated the market, so it’s suggested to purchase gifts from sources that are authorized to sell authentic Herend porcelain.

As you shop Herend collectibles as gifts, don’t forget to keep an eye out for new releases, which appear on a seasonal basis during the summer, spring, fall and winter.

What Herend piece shown here has caught your eye?

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