Novica Sells Unique Artisan Crafts from 8 Different Regions

8 Regions of Global Artisans Represented on NovicaThere is something magical and unique about purchasing handcrafted artisan crafts from around the world as gifts for loved ones and friends. Global products not only provide a glimpse into various international traditions, but also introduce people to the different types of art techniques and styles that represent a specific culture. Novica is an ultra-popular for selling one-of-a-kind creations that include jewelry, furniture, artwork, and home décor. Shoppers can also feel good about their purchases because the company pays fair prices to artisans, which allows them to earn a sustainable living through their talent and creativity.

When shopping for gifts from Novica, you can read up on artisan profiles beforehand. Every gift comes with special packaging – from fabric, drawstring pouches to handmade paper boxes with button accents. A hand-written note from the artisan also accompanies each purchase. You may explore eight different worldwide regions (listed below) when browsing goods from Novica:

1. The Andes

Peruvian Heart Shaped Mate Gourd Pendant Bird Necklace LovebirdsPeruvian artisans, many of who have descended from the ancient Inca civilization that once thrived in the region, call the Andes their home. A great of goods to come from this region reflect some of the artistic techniques passed down from their ancestors. Shown below is an example of Peruvian jewelry sold by Novica called Peruvian Heart Shaped Mate Gourd Pendant Bird Necklace, ‘Lovebirds’.

2. Bali & Java

Known for producing intricate wood carvings, alluring silversmith creations and Batik designs, there is a tropical flair to the goods that hail from the Indonesian islands of Bali and Java. Shown below are examples of jewelry from Bali sold by Novica called Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, ‘Nature’s Delight’ and Handmade Blue Topaz and Sterling Silver Bracelet, ‘A New Leaf’.

Jewelry from Indonesia sold by Novica

3. Brazil

When seeking for a colorful gift, you might want to browse the artisan creations hailing from Brazil, which are known for offering bold, vibrant colors. Shown below is an example of Murano Inspired Glass Paperweight Hand Blown Art, ‘Ocean World’ and a Brazilian Unique Handcrafted Leather Shoulder Bag, ‘Amazon Owl’.

Brazilian Artisan Crafts sold by Novica4. Central America

Artisans from this region share the beauty and charm of artistic traditions that date back to the days when the ancient Maya civilization prospered. Some of the treasures associated with Central American artisans include jade jewelry and beautifully woven pieces. Shown below are examples of Central American necklaces made with jade.

Jade Necklaces sold by Novica

5. India

When shopping for an elephant lover, don’t forget to check the latest Jali carvings and sculptures, artisans that reside in India. Indian fashion is also noteworthy, where you’ll find tunics, scarves, blouses and shawls made out of soft fabrics or featuring bold colors mixed with shimmering gold tones. Shown below is an example of fashion accessories from India – the Handwoven Teal Cotton Shoulder Bag, ‘Assam Teal’ and Sterling Silver and Green Composite Turquoise Cocktail Ring, ‘Verdant Promise’.

Indian Fashion Accessories sold by Novica6. Mexico

The techniques embraced by artisans from Mexico gain inspiration from the traditions and culture related to Aztec, Maya and Spanish influences. From Zapotec patterned rugs to vibrant wall décor, this region is also known for its use of bright color. Shown below are two examples of Mexican hammocks sold by Novica – Collectible Striped Mayan Hammock (Double) ‘Forest Slumber’ and the Striped Multicolor Mayan Hammock (Single), ‘Tropical Passion’.

Colorful Mexicn and Mayan Hammocks soldd by Novica

Elephant Embroidery Shoulder Bag Emerald Thai - Novica7. Thailand

To explore the flair of Southeast Asia artisan crafts, browse the goods that originate in Thailand, where you’ll catch glimpses of the type of art that graced the walls, halls and rooms of temples and ancient kingdoms. Shown below is an example of Thai fashion accessories sold by Novica called Elephant Embroidery Shoulder Bag, ‘Emerald Thai’.


8. West Africa

The richness of the West African artistic culture shines through with a display of traditional pieces that include Kente, handmade drums, ceramics, animal carvings, Batik, and tribal masks. Shown below is an example of a West African wooden sculpture called ‘Akpa Fish’ (from Ghana):

West African Wooden Sculpture Akpa Fish - Novica

Have you ever shopped Novica before? What did you get?

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  1. All of these gift ideas are absolutely awesome! Thanks so much for helping me find the most unique pieces at such affordable prices! I love finding gifts on PickUrGift, no one else makes gift guides that are even comparable!

  2. Like many of your readers I hadn’t heard of Novica, but I am drooling over that Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet from Bali. I’ve been to the country and fell in love with their carvings and their artistry. There are so many other tasteful gift ideas here – I could do all my 2016 Xmas shopping just off this blog. Thanks.

  3. Oh, Bali and Java art designs are included, makes me proud! But overalll the art and jewerly design displayed here are gorgeous, but those necklaces from Central Amerca are just stunning!

  4. I love the fact that each region has something unique, that you aren’t buying mass produced. That more often the craft has been passed through generations. A real way to remember a trip! My favourites are the jade necklaces from central America.

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  8. I have never heard of Novica before but what a brilliant idea. I can think of at least five people who would live these items as gifts. The fact they are ethical and authentic just makes them more personal in my eyes. I’m off to have a good look at the site!

  9. I once bought a Novica necklace online. I loved that the necklace was a conversation piece. I loved even more the story behind the necklace. Talk about a win-win.

  10. Those are some beautiful pieces! I’ve never shopped at Novica, but I love all of the personal attention that seems to go into each order, and I really like the sustainability model. I’ll have to check them out :)

  11. All these handmade gifts look amazing! I love the teal cotton handbag & ring from India and the pendant from the Andes…the Mexican hammocks are calling out to me with a good book and a glass of wine! Beautiful & thoughtful ❤️

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