Gift Overview: What is a 4K TV?

What Makes a 4K TV So Special

In the tech and home entertainment market, televisions make functional gifts that often find their way under a Christmas tree or gifted to a sports enthusiast for their birthday. Lately, ‘4K’ is one of the most eye-catching and increasingly-used buzzwords regarding televisions. From Black Friday sales to Cyber Monday, lower prices are making this type of TV more affordable, but what does it all mean? Below, you will find a brief explanation and answered questions regarding one of the hottest gift ideas for TV lovers, home entertainment, and sports fans.

What Does ‘4K’ Mean?

‘4K’ refers to the images that this type of television provides, which is around 4,000 pixels wide.

4K TVs Offer More Pixels per Screen

What is the Most Impressive Feature of a 4K TV?

Televisions offering 4K-fueled imagery mean that you benefit from about four times the amount of pixels that your average 1080p TV set can deliver.

And why are more pixels a desirable feature to have on a television?

  • More pixels means more information is allowed.
  • More information translates into enjoying sharper pictures.
  • Sharper pictures provide a more engaging TV-viewing experience.

Having more pixels means that whether you are sitting close to a screen or across the room, the image does not break down as with other TV models. 4K screens offer what some refer to as a ‘pin-sharp’ viewing experience. The higher resolution images are vibrant and full of life. For a movie buff and sports fanatic, a 4K television definitely makes a functional and welcomed gift.

4K Televisions are Usually Smart TVs

What Can I Watch on a 4K TV?

Regular HD content will come in fabulously on a 4K television, but the video content made specifically to take advantage of 4K technology is currently limited. The number of companies and media testing the waters of 4K programming and content is slowly increasing. For instance, Netflix has been testing various streamed content in 4K, such as House of Cards, The Blacklist, The Smurfs 2, and Ghostbusters.

In fact, in may take another two to three years from the publishing of this post before you’ll have a range of 4K content to consider. Therefore, you’ll be giving a gift that is ahead of its time. The good news is that many new films and some TV shows are now being filmed in 4K.

What Types of Cables are Needed for a 4K TV Set?

There are two standard cables that most 4K TV owners purchase. The first, a standard HDMI is what delivers a better overall picture. The least expensive HDMI cord is a 1.4, which has the capacity to provide an output of 3820×2160-resolution at 30 frames per second. With the ability to output video at Ultra HD resolution at 60 frames per second, the HDMI 2.0 cable is more expensive, but well worth the money paid in order to enjoy a picture with a higher resolution.

The second cable is a DisplayPort, which is necessary if you’re interested in connecting a PC to an Ultra HD screen. The DisplayPort accommodates 4K image and audio signals from the majority of high-quality graphics cards, and transfers them to screens without any noticeable blips.

Samsung 4K TV

How Much Does a 4K TV Cost?

Nowadays, 4K TV sets are being sold by most of the major television manufacturers, including Sony, Samsung, and LG. To begin with, the price of a 4K is generally higher when compared to other televisions because of the better resolution. Also, when purchasing a 4K television set, prepare to buy a larger screen size (which costs more overall), as the majority of 4K Ultra HD TVs currently on the market are 50 inches or more.

To get an idea of various price points, consider the following sale prices for  the following LED – 2160p – Smart – 4K Ultra HD TV brands and models sold at

  • Samsung – 48″ Class (47.6″ Diag.) – ($599.99)
  • Sony – 55″ Class (54.6″ Diag.) – ($999.99)
  • LG – 55″ Class (54.6″ Diag.) – ($899.99)
  • Sony – 65″ Class (64.5″ Diag.) – ($1499.99)

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