7 Upcycled Gift Ideas Made Out of Bike Chains

Upcycled Gift Ideas Made Out of Bike ChainsThe bike chain is a versatile part of a bicycle’s configuration, helping to power two-wheeled modes of transportation across road and trail. When it no longer serves its purpose in the bike world, these chains possess the visual appeal and strength to create an assortment of unique handmade items. For the gift ideas mentioned in this post, you’ll see how bike chains get a second chance at life, which make ideal presents especially for loved ones who are eco-friendly, bike enthusiasts, bikers, and/or artsy folks.

Bike Tube Belt with Layered Chain Buckle1. Bike Tube Belt with Layered Chain Buckle

Fashionable and eco-stylish, the belt seen here is made with not one but two upcycled items – bike chain and the inner tube of a bike. Handmade and exclusively sold at Uncommon Goods, the bike chain buckle is certainly one of the most eye-catching features of the belt. The overall material is relatively stretchy and durable, and is quite similar to the makeup of a leather belt. The buckle is removable and can be interchanged with other belt straps.

There are three sizes to consider: Small (waist size 24-28 inches); Medium (waist size 28-32 inches); and Large (waist size 32-36 inches).

Bike Chain Luggage Tag2. Bike Chain Luggage Tag

For the avid traveler, this stylish luggage tag features the striking detail of an upcycled bike chain – you can’t deny the appeal. Attach this handmade tag to luggage using its 6″ steel wire fastener. The product itself comes from roughly 3,000 pounds of used parts collected on a monthly basis that a team of artisans use to create their goods. Inside the tag, information is written on 100% recycled paper label stock. Sold by Uncommon Goods.

Bike Chain Bowl3. Bike Chain Bowl

Ideal for newlyweds and quirky home decorators, this Bike Chain Bowl makes a versatile addition to a kitchen countertop, coffee table or office desk. Sold by Uncommon Golds, the bowl comes in handy for holding car/house keys, loose change and other everyday knick-knacks; presenting business cards in an eye-catching manner; and pairing with other objects to make an artsy centerpiece.

Bike Chain Clocks

4. Bike Chain Clock

A clock made out of upcycled bike parts looks attractive, modern, and can liven up a man cave, kitchen, den, office or workspace. A few styles to consider are shown here and include the Bike Chain Wall Clock made with an unused silver bike chain (sold by Ledon Gifts) and thee Sprocket Clock (sold by Clock Light) – made with various-shaped sprockets and bike chains.

Shimano Racing Chain Up-Cycled Cufflinks sold by RSJSS Studios

5. Bike Chain Cufflinks

When an avid rider dresses up, he may want to wear his passion on his sleeve…literally. Bike chain cufflinks allow a well-dressed man to display his quirky sense of style. An example of the type of cufflinks you can gift is the Shimano Racing Chain Up-Cycled Cufflinks shown here, which are sold by RSJSS Studios and ships worldwide from the United Kingdom.

Bike Chain Jewelry

6. Bike Chain Jewelry

The interlocking structure of a bike chain gives way to a trendy style for jewelry, resulting in plenty of necklaces and bracelets to consider as gifts for both men and women. Sometimes an entire jewelry piece is made out of a stretch of bike chain. Other times, the links in a bike chain serve as a pendent or charm. Featured here are a Stainless Steel Bike Chain Bracelet (sold by MD Biker Jewelry) and an Upcycled Bicycle Chain Necklace with Vintage Swarovski Crystal Navettes (sold by Warbles with Bella).

Bike Chain Holiday Ornnaments

7. Bike Chain Christmas Tree Ornaments

It’s not every day that you see upcycled bike parts decorating a Christmas tree, but thanks to Uncommon Goods, you can gift a completely unique ornament for the holidays. Sold individually and exclusively, reclaimed bike chains have been formed into five-point star shapes, spray-painted into holiday colors, sealed, and then attached to recycled bike inner tube string.

Bonus: Bike Chain Tea Light Holders

Shown at the start of this post, Amazon.com is one of the places where you can purchase a unique set of tea light candle holders fashioned out of upcycled bike chains.

Which gift idea above has caught your eye?

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  4. These are such awesome ideas! As someone who travels frequently, I would like to make the luggage tags, while my husband would get a kick out of the cuff links!

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  6. Wow, these are really creative! I think my favorite piece is the clock – this would make a great gift for a bike enthusiast, or really anyone who has modern decor. I would even love to have this in my office. These are super creative ideas – thanks for sharing!

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