Kuttlefish: A New Marketplace for Upcycled Goods and Eco-Friendly Gifts

Kuttlefish - Marketplace for Recycled Goods and Eco Friendly GiftsThere’s something both intriguing and environmentally responsible when you purchase gifts that involve upcycled goods and recycled materials. We’ve spoken of Etsy and Artfire in the past, and today I’d like to introduce you to Kuttlefish – a fast-growing marketplace for buyers and sellers from all over the world which recently enjoyed their official launch this month.

Kuttlefish is a global community based upon a goal to reduce waste by providing a marketplace where users can buy and sell goods made of reused and recycled materials. The online site also allows users to post, share and view examples of reused and recycled goods. For shoppers, Kuttlefish provides an opportunity to purchase one-of-the-kind gifts from across the globe.

Below I’d like to highlight a few gift ideas found on Kuttlefish that personally caught my eye:

Eco-Artware.com’s Tote Bag and Clutch Purse

Eco-Artware.com sells one-of-a-kind artwork, jewelry and items “handcrafted from recycled, natural and vegan-friendly materials,” and when shopping for a fashionable loved one or friend (or someone who loves the color red), consider the following items sold at this online shop:

Fire Hose Tote Bag made by Eco Artware - sold on KuttlefishFire Hose Tote Bag: Made out of genuine retired British fire hose, this eco-friendly bag not only makes a fashionable gift, but also comes with a heroic past. The uniqueness of this gift is heightened by attractive saddle stitching and fascinating markings found on the de-commissioned fire hose used to make the water-resistant exterior of this piece. Reclaimed office furniture textiles create the interior lining of the bag, which offers convenient zip pockets. The bag measures 15″ wide x 10″ high with a 20″ curved handle that comfortably fits over the shoulder of an on-the-go loved one or friend.

Another cool thing about this purchase is that the artist will donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this tote to the British Fire Fighters’ Charity.

Red Eco Purse Clutch made from Recycled Fire Hose by Eco Artware - sold at KuttlefishFire Hose Zippered Clutch Purse: Easy to carry, wipe clean and fall in love with, Eco-Artware.com also sells an eco-clutch purse handcrafted from the same decommissioned British fire hose as the tote bag. The lining of the purse is made from recycled, industrial-strength ripstop nylon parachute. Inside, gift recipients can stay organized with 12 credit card slots, a zippered coin compartment, paper bill section, and two additional spaces for business cards and receipts. You’ll also find that some clutches feature black markings from the original hose, which give the purse character of its own.

USB Typewriter

Before computers, there were typewriters. And, some people are still in love with the charm and magic behind an antique model. Plenty of early writers poured their blood, sweat and tears into crafting the next bestseller by using a typewriter.

Ideal for the writer in your life, the look, feel of the keys, and hypnotic click of a typewriter at work can still be enjoyed when you purchase the USB Typewriter as a gift – an upcycled antique ranging from the 1920s to the 1960s (depending on the model) which has been modified to work as a USB Keyboard for PCs, Macs, and even an iPad or other tablet.

USB Typewriters - Kuttlefish

The USB Typewriter not only allows gift recipients to meld old and modern methods of communication and expression, but the typewriter also works both electronically and on paper. This ultimate conversation piece can type all letters, numerals, and punctuation marks. The majority of non-standard keys (such as F1-F12, esc, and crl) are made possible through a special toggle key.

Acting like any other USB keyboard that you’d buy at the store, this particular model requires no special software to install. Simply use the USB cable included in the order, and plug in to your desktop or laptop. Before purchasing this gift for an iPad or tablet user, it is suggested to double-check the seller’s compatibility chart.

Cangles Jewelry

Creating fashionable cuff-style bracelets, bangles, hair clips and other items, Cangles is a family enterprise that makes gifts for all ages from discarded soda-, tea- and energy drink cans. Although these fashion accessories are made with recycled soda cans, you don’t have to worry about getting cut; the edges are not sharp. The cuffs are available in extra small, small, medium and large sizes.

Cangles Jewelry Cuffs and Bracelets sold at Kuttlefish

Featured above are just some of the Cangles cuffs that the business sells, made from the following brands: Faygo Creme Soda; Arizona Green Tea; Red Bull Energy Drink; and the Original RockStar Energy Drink.

This business also donates a portion of every sale to various charities and good causes, including Autism Speaks™, Save the Earth Foundation, Food Bank Council of Michigan, and Wounded Warrior Project.

Men’s Jewelry Pieces from Upcycle Jewellery Company

The Upcycle Jewellery Company specializes in pieces made out of upcycled items, such as old keys, bolts and nuts.

You’ll find a few unique pieces for men here, such as the Antique Ford Motor Company Mercury Key Ring featured below, which was hand-hammered and crafted to create a one-of-a-kind ring– especially ideal for a gift recipient who is a car enthusiast. This Ford Motor Company ring features both the discontinued image of the Roman god Mercury and the ‘Big M’ that replaced it during the 1950s.

Rings made from Keys made by Upcycle Jewellery Company  - sold on Kuttlefish

The key used to make this Vintage Volkswagen Beatle Key Ring dates back to the 1960s, and was once used to operate a classic VW Beatle. Think of the collector in your life, or purchase this for someone who has a real soft spot for this model of car.

All rings from this business have a special clear lacquer coating that provides long lasting protection, as well as prevents the jewelry from tarnishing and discoloring the skin. Rings are also packaged using environmentally friendly materials. The Upcycle Jewellery Company, which ships from the United Kingdom, also does commissioned pieces.

San Francisco Wall Clock by Upstairs Studio - sold by KuttlefishKuttlefish also connects shoppers with Upstairs Studio’s eye-catching wall clocks fashioned out of upcycled records, which warranted a highlight of their own.

Not only does Kuttlefish offer a marketplace filled with interesting gift ideas, but can also serve as inspiration for your own creative endeavors. Use the community aspect of this site to fuel a love and respect for all things recycled, upcycled, and better for the earth.

Consider Kuttlefish the next time you are looking for a unique gift that not only makes the recipient feel warm and fuzzy, but also allows you to participate in doing something that is environmentally and socially good.

How do you feel about gifts made from recycled materials?

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In addition to being a freelance writer, foodie, art lover and book hoarder, Yona also enjoys researching and sharing the many different ways one can surprise or amaze loved ones with unique and unexpected gift ideas.

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  2. The material and durability of the bag are important factors when it comes to deciding which to buy. The Fire Hose Tote Bag not only looks fashionable but it also looks unique and great as a gift, too.

  3. These items are so cool! I love the typewriter….my daughter was just telling me that she wanted an old fashioned typewriter…I said that it would be a waste of space..but these would actually be useful and look amazing!

  4. I think gifts made from recycled materials are pure genius! I love them! The ones you showcased so far are fantastic! I own a few pieces as well…like a handbag made of recycled paper…a keychain made from old bicycle parts…and many other trinkets.

  5. Wow – I love the look of the USB Typewriter – the purse and the saddle stitching and markings found on the de-commissioned fire hose used to make the water-resistant exterior for the purse – plus the artist’s donation – very fascinating

  6. This is a really cool site. I am always looking for gifts for a few family members who are hard to shop for and this will help a ton!!

  7. I love the thought of upcycled goods. The purse made from firehose is pretty awesome and I would have never imagined that it could be done. I need to check out Kuttlefish.

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