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Our story and how we got started


A couple of years ago I was shopping for a present for my lovely wife Sara. It was our third wedding anniversary and the traditional gift is leather. "AHA!" I said I will get her a nice leather purse. So I started searching the internet for the perfect purse that I could afford. I came across multiple purses that were in my price range. Then I froze. It suddenly occurred to me that I have a problem. "I don't know what a good purse would be." Then the anxiety kicked in. Will she like it? Will she keep it and never use it because she feels obligated? I didn't feel giving her a gift card for our anniversary was heartfelt or appropriate.

That's when I asked "what is the solution?" Why can't I choose many purses in my price range and have her pick the one she really wants. That's how pickURgift was born. Since then the idea has turned into a complete gift giving tool and community. We no longer have to fear giving or receiving, the "ugly sweater", or the "dust collector gift" so many of us have gotten. With PickUrGift now I can give Sara the perfect gift and be thoughtful about it. Join our community today and start giving and receiving the gift of choice.


Nick Rouhier